Kick start your learning journey.

You'll find more platform-related resources in the Job Aid section.

Take training

Browse and enroll yourself in courses. You can also rate the training you've completed, take notes on it or join discussion with other learners.

Take notes on courses

Record private notes while taking a course. You can further download your notes in a .pdf format or e-mail them to any registered learners.

Personalize your dashboard

Go to the settings wheel under your profile icon, click and drag each widget to a new location and select the check icon when finished. Then navigate through each widget to find out more about their functionality.

Interact with other learners

Use the Social Learning tool in the left pane view to create posts, associate them with relevant boards, comment, reply or vote.

Look for Job Aids

You'll find more platform-related resources in the Job Aid section of the platform. From the left pane view, select Catalog and refine your search by further selecting Job Aids. If you want the document quickly accesible on your Home page, hover over the tile and click on Add to My List. It will be pinned to your Job Aids widget on your welcome page.

Enroll in certification curricula

Validate your proficiency in Lenovo solutions by taking a certification exam.

The available exam prep curriculum includes a downloadable study guide, recommended training and reference materials to help you prepare and register for the certification exam.